Recommended Reading: Appreciative Leadership

by CK Marketing Team
Appreciative Leadership book

Title: Appreciative Leadership – Building Sustainable Organizations

Author: Jack Ricchiuto

Human nature is a wonderful thing; it makes us who we are and separates us from all other species. Human nature also predisposes us to always be looking for what’s wrong and striving to correct and improve upon our weaknesses. As humans, we spend so much time thinking about what we don’t have that what we do have loses meaning. How do we overcome this in our companies?

The book “Appreciative Leadership” is described by author Jack Ricchiuto as a “Manifest of 60 Imperatives.” The book itself is set up for the on-the-go reader with each imperative numbered. After reading this book and applying any number of the 60 imperatives you will be on your way to creating an organization that focuses on what they have and want, instead of what they do not have.

Ricchiuto notes that in appreciative organizations, people feel inspired and engaged- the ideal employees. I highly recommend this book to any executive or business owner that is looking for a new way to grow a team, a way that is sustainable and more importantly, built on a foundation of appreciation.