A Proactive Service Approach

Our proactive and comprehensive approach to servicing and managing your financial needs allows us to stay ahead of changing regulations and fluctuating cycles you may experience. By building a strong relationship with our clients, holding quarterly planning meetings and immersing ourselves in your operations and goals, Corrigan Krause is in the unique position to uncover opportunities for you and to recommend a comprehensive package of services that benefit you in the long run.

We’re committed to building relationships and providing comprehensive solutions. From compliance to consulting services, we’ve got you covered.

Audit & Accounting

We ensure your financial reporting is accurate, compliant and, most importantly, insightful.

Assurance services are used to increase the transparency and relevance of your financial reporting. We realize “numbers” aren’t for everyone and can, in fact, be incredibly stressful to comb through and make sense of. Corrigan Krause assists in digging through the details, providing balance, expert support and a business partner to keep your business moving forward.

We’re here to keep an eye on things for you. We identify and manage risks, translate numbers into usable data and keep your business in compliance.

Corrigan Krause is committed to quality, ensuring that our financial reporting services conform to the standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and other regulatory bodies.

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Audit & Accounting Services:

  • Audits
  • Reviews
  • Compilations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Agreed upon procedures engagements
  • Internal control review
  • Accounting system reviews
  • Employee benefit plan audit services

Tax Services

Beyond preparation, we provide creative solutions that help you plan and prepare for the next step.

Let us help you identify, plan and achieve your goals. Our team of tax experts is trained to identify your needs through proactive and comprehensive planning. We start by working with you to identify your concerns, needs and objectives, allowing us to create a plan to move forward. From preparation to representation, we’ll develop specific strategies and actions to meet your objectives and take advantage of laws and legislation.

We’re skilled at negotiating assessments and resolutions and structuring large and small transactions. Ultimately, we’re here to propose options to you that minimize or defer taxes.

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Tax Services:

  • Tax compliance
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax planning
  • State and local tax services
  • Estate, gift and trust planning
  • Tax audit representation
  • Divorce representation
  • Entity selection
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • R&D credits
  • Cost segregation

Business Consulting

We provide proactive and strategic guidance at each stage, for each transaction.

You have questions, we have answers. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Accountants, business partners, guides, coaches. We’re all of these things and then some. We’re here to get you from point A to point Z as efficiently and effectively as possible by understanding how numbers turn into strategies, and how those strategies are used to expand your operations, acquire new business and more.

Managing the day-to-day activity of a business is demanding, but business owners and managers must set aside time to plan for what’s next. Corrigan Krause assists business leaders in this important process. Our strategic planning solutions deliver valuable insight at every stage of your business development including growth planning, strategies to overcome challenges, risk management, and establishing systems and checks for accountability and measurement.

We take a hands-on approach to customizing a plan for your company. This means you get an honest assessment of the competitive landscape and your specific advantages and weaknesses combined with benchmarking that’s appropriate for your industry. Then we work with you to use that information to improve your performance, overall profitability, and operating efficiency, taking your business from just running to running optimally.

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Business Consulting Services:

  • Benchmarking
  • Business structuring
  • Debt restructuring & negotiations
  • Financial contract negotiations
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Merger and acquisition advisory
  • Business succession/exit planning
  • Business valuations
  • Quality of earnings

Recruiting Services

Corrigan Krause quarterbacks the needs of our clients and helps them develop and achieve their goals.

More and more, our clients are leaning on our expertise to help find the very best people to join their teams.

We are proud to be a trusted advisor - helping our clients find the right fit for their open positions and their company culture. On average, we like to place candidate within 30-90 days.

We embrace the opportunity to deepen our relationship with our clients to make their companies successful through recruitment efforts.

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Recruiting Services:

  • Job description consulting and writing
  • Job posting on multiple platforms
  • Resume screening
  • Candidate interviewing
  • Job offer consulting
  • On-boarding assistance
  • Salary consulting
  • Personality testing and background checks

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

When it comes to an employee benefit plan audit, choose the certified expertise of Corrigan Krause. 

If your employee benefit plan has more than 100 eligible participants, the experts at Corrigan Krause are here to help.

We perform employee benefit plan audits with as little disruption to your team as possible. Our recommendations can add value or efficiency to the operations of your plan.

Our skilled team is here to assist you with clear and relevant reports and valuable insights.

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Employee Benefit Plan Audit Services:

  • Certified benefit plan audit experience
  • Comprehensive auditing & advising
  • Compliance and security
  • Plan design
  • Operational assistance
  • Benchmarking

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