Corrigan Krause is the perfect place for you to intern if you want to join a team – not just work for a company.

There’s a reason why the internship positions at Corrigan Krause fill quickly: our interns are part of the Corrigan Krause team from day one. Our interns get a well-rounded, tax and audit experience, from basic work papers through completing personal and business returns, and they have the opportunity to meet with real clients. Our internship program runs from January through April.

Read what our interns have to say about preparing for an internship interview and what it’s like interning at a firm that wants you to start and grow your career with them.

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To apply for an internship at Corrigan Krause, email your resume and cover letter to our recruiter Lauren Emerson at the button below. We are actively recruiting interns!

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Internships are a vital part of the accounting industry, but it’s tough to know what to expect from the experience before you walk through the office doors. A few of the spring 2021 Corrigan Krause interns shared what future interns can expect from their internship.

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Interning at an accounting firm is a great way to learn about the industry, gain valuable experience and hone in on where you’d like to focus. Now that you’ve decided to start interviewing for an internship, how do you prepare for an accounting internship interview? A few of the spring 2021 Corrigan Krause interns shared their advice for preparing for and completing an accounting internship interview.

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