How to Prepare for an Internship Interview

by Mary Varano
Top view of a laptop, with a resume on the side, and a post-it on the laptop that says "Corrigan Krause interview tomorrow!"

Interning at an accounting firm is a great way to learn about the industry, gain valuable experience and hone in on where you’d like to focus. Now that you’ve decided to start interviewing for an internship, how do you prepare for an accounting internship interview? A few of the spring 2021 Corrigan Krause interns shared their advice for preparing for and completing an accounting internship interview.

Learn More Before the Interview  

Before an interview, learn everything you can about the firm you’re interviewing for. You want to make sure the firm looks like it would be a good fit for your goals and how you want to build on your skills.

Corrigan Krause interns Natalie Sommer, Lauren Powers and Ashley Harris all decided to apply for our internship program because they wanted to intern at a mid-size firm with ample opportunity for them to experience many facets of accounting, both in tax and assurance.

Our interns first went online to learn more about Corrigan Krause before their interviews.

“I looked on the Corrigan Krause website and LinkedIn profile to learn as much as I could before my interview,” Powers said.

Harris wanted get an idea of what it was like working at Corrigan Krause before she interviewed. “I wanted to see what the firm culture was, so I looked at LinkedIn and read the Corrigan Krause website.”

Use Resources Available

Many universities and colleges have career centers that offer a variety of programs, workshops and tools to help prepare you for your interview. Check out your institution’s website for more information. Both Harris and Powers utilized the Career Services Center at Cleveland State University, where they attend school.

Sommer, a Baldwin Wallace University student, also used her university’s career center. “I participated in a mock interview with a career counselor,” Sommer said.

Practicing interview questions with a career specialist or even a friend will help build your confidence in your ability to present your best self at an interview.

Corrigan Krause also attends a number of “Meet the Accountant Nights” in the late summer and early fall of the year at colleges and universities around Northeast Ohio. You’ll be able to speak directly with some of our staff to get your questions answered in a more casual setting. Check, our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles for more information this summer.

What to Wear for an Interview

It may seem like many dress codes are relaxing, but when it comes to an internship interview, it’s best to still dress in business professional attire. Suit jackets, dress pants, button-down shirts, ties and dress shoes are all appropriate for an internship interview – even if it’s a virtual interview.

Once you’re hired, you’ll get an idea of what’s appropriate in the office and you can relax, if possible, from there.

Don’t forget to bring something to write with, like a padfolio or notebook and pen. You’ll want to write down everyone’s name so you can send a thank you card after your interview. Have a few questions ready for the interviewing team! You’ve done your research; what else do you want to know about Corrigan Krause or life in the accounting industry?

Finally, after all your preparation, you know why you think you’ll be a great fit for our internship program, so show it! Let your personality come through and show our staff what a great teammate you’ll be. After all, the people you interview will be your coworkers!

Join Our Team

If you’re interested in interning at Corrigan Krause, we’d love to hear from you. Email for more information.