Don’t Miss a Networking Opportunity

by CK Marketing Team
Photo of a businessman reaching his hand out, offering a handshake.

I recently came across this article, which has some great advice concerning networking or potential new client meetings not only for CPAs, but any service provider. Some of these points appear to be rather simple, but they make a big difference when you are trying to make an impression. I can think of a few instances where a simple thing had a terrible impact on the overall networking experience.

Showing up late. Have you ever arrived 5 minutes late for a meeting? I have. No matter what the reason, late is late. You start your meeting upset, disappointed, and behind, and you never catch up. Simple reminder: Be on time.

Not capturing anyone’s attention. I have attended introductory meetings where the presenter just took too long to get to their point. They have it backwards. Short introductions to the primary issue and getting to the result of what you can do for the client is best. Better to not waste too much time leading in to the issue, as you may lose your audience- whether you’re in an informal networking setting or a formal introductory meeting, show your value right away.

These mistakes may seem easy to avoid, and that’s because they are. But if you’re not aware of the networking pitfalls, you’re more likely to fall victim to them and miss out on opportunities.