Using LinkedIn as a Recruiting Tool

by CK Marketing Team
LinkedIn logo

As small business owner, you wear many hats. Your ever-shifting role may even take the shape of the company recruiter, and anyone who has the task of recruiting knows it’s a full time job.  Recruiting a quality candidate is only successful when you build a network of contacts and prospects who trust that you have their best interest at heart!

The challenge then becomes, how do you build such a network to call on when a great opportunity presents itself? How can you make sure quality candidates know about your job opening? Posting an open position on LinkedIn is a good start, but what next?

LinkedIn makes it easy to align your dependable network with your company’s needs by allowing you to:

  • Share an open position with your LinkedIn Connections and even on Twitter and Facebook, which then allows candidates to search a vast bank of open positions
  • Target candidates that meet the exact level of experience and skills you need for the position
  • Connect with specific groups that are in line with your industry
  • Connect with alumni, colleagues, acquaintances, coworkers (current and past), and friends
  • Connect with college groups and/or other groups that share a common interests
  • Inbox candidates directly (and privately) even if you are not connected with them – this is a great advantage especially for the passive candidate who might be considering a change but needs a nudge to get the ball rolling

Listed above are just a few of the many ways you can utilize LinkedIn to build referral sources, a pool of quality candidates, and a great group of professionals that share similar interests.

It takes time and energy, but if you are willing to use LinkedIn to its maximum capacity, you may have just found a solid recruiting instrument to benefit you in the long run!