Top Tips for Not-For-Profit Fundraising

by CK Marketing Team
Photo of three jars, showing hands dropping coins in. From left to right, the jars are: barely filled up, half-way filled up, and completely filled up - with coins.

One of the key roles of a non-profit organization’s management and board of trustees is to raise funds. This ensures the organization is cash-positive so it can keep its mission going strong. Every organization should consider applying for grants that may qualify for its mission, solicit sponsorships for special events, and ask for donations from its members or the general public. A great way to capture additional funds and raise awareness of the organization is to have a fundraising event or campaign.

Fundraising should be fun for both the organization’s staff and for the general public. Three key steps to a successful fundraising campaign are:

  1. Select a fundraising team. This team could be made up of staff, board members, and outside supporters. As long as the team members have the time to commit and a passion for your organization, they can be great candidates. This team should be the organized hub of all the fundraising action.
  2. Put a plan together well in advance of kicking off the fundraiser. You want your event or campaign to be well advertised and successful in raising awareness and additional funds. To achieve that, you’ll have to start planning months in advance. Depending on the scope of your fundraiser, it could take upwards of a year. One of the worst mistakes you can make is not allowing ample time to plan. 
  3. Arrange proper follow-up after the fundraiser. Follow-up is key to recognizing participants and collecting any funds that may have been pledged during the fundraiser. Additionally, it keeps your organization top of mind for all supporters, giving another touch point to potential donators. 

Keep in mind, it is all about the net cash raised, so it may make sense to hire an outside fundraising team to make the fundraiser successful. As long as you have the room in your budget, this solution could make sense for your organization to host a profitable event or campaign.  

Go raise funds, gather awareness for your mission, and have fun!