Surviving Your First Busy Season – A Second Year Associate’s Experience

by Mary Varano

Lauren Powers officially joined Corrigan Krause as an Associate in December 2021 after spending the previous year with the firm as an intern. That year as an intern was invaluable, but the first busy season as an Associate is just…more.

“Since I have had one busy season under my belt, I had a good idea of how things would go, but this first one as a Tax Associate felt like I had a lot more responsibility,” Lauren said. “The internship gave me an opportunity to find a good schedule structure for myself and learn the software we use every day, which definitely helped prepare me.”

Choosing to stay with Corrigan Krause to build her career after her internship made the transition from intern to Associate smooth for Lauren. She had a good idea of what would be expected of her.

“I definitely wanted to prove I could take on more and help where I could now that I was an Associate,” Lauren said. “But also knew I had a lot to learn from the others here that have been here multiple busy seasons.”

Asking for help was a huge reason Lauren said she grew so much as an Associate in her first busy season.

“There were days when I could get a lot done alone, but others where I really had to work as a team to be successful,” she said.

Lauren said finding a way to balance the work of busy season and your life is really important.

“Even taking a short break to get a coffee can be really helpful,” Lauren said. “Aside from spending time with my friends and family on the weekend, I think my favorite breaks during tax season were the dinners in the office. It’s so nice to sit down and talk with everyone during those later nights!”

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