New Faces at CK

by Chris Schneider
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Corrigan Krause CPAs announced today the addition Salvatore J. Caroniti, CPA to their staff as Chief Operating Officer (COO.)

Caroniti has over 30 years of experience in the finance field, with both public accounting and leadership experience. Most recently, Caroniti served as President and Chief Financial Officer of Standby Screw Machine Products Company, a privately-held precision machining and metal fabricating company. With locations in both Berea, Ohio and Guangzhou, China, the executive leadership experience provided Caroniti an extremely dynamic skill set.

At Corrigan Krause, Caroniti will step in to oversee a variety of firm processes with a focus on efficiency and the same degree of effectiveness as in his prior role. His position as COO will tap in to his extensive leadership and financial experience in budgets and daily operations.

“The addition of Sal has been a much anticipated event at Corrigan Krause.”

Tom Harrison, CPA, managing director, said, “The addition of Sal has been a much anticipated event at Corrigan Krause. His extensive experience in helping to develop a fast-growing company will allow us to sustain our current growth rate and maintain our high degree of client service for one of our two most valuable assets, our current client base. Additionally, it will protect the core values of our other most valuable asset, our employees.”

Corrigan Krause has also recently added the following new members to our team:

  • Elena M. Byrd
  • Gwyn N. Broski
  • Michelle L. Dito
  • Susie G. Johnson
  • Kelly S. Linden, CPA
  • Christine A. Steiner

We hope you have a chance to get acquainted with some of the new faces around the office if you haven’t already!