How to Prepare For Your First Internship and What to Look For

by Megan Hiles
Corrigan Krause internship

Gaining internship experience is invaluable and making a positive first impression and excelling during your internship is imperative. Internships can open many doors when it comes time to find a job after graduation, not to mention many employers often hire from their pool of interns.

How to Prepare

  • Learn about your industry. Read and subscribe to trade publications such as Accounting Today and The Journal of Accountancy.
  • Make sure your personal brand is professional. Google yourself and make sure all of your social media profiles have appropriate public content.
  • Optimize and update your resume. Make sure to include any practical experience you may have and extra-curricular activities.
  • Define your goals. Determine what type of internship you would like and where you think you would be most successful (major firm, local firm, government or nonprofit, etc.).
  • Talk to career services about any connections or recommendations they may have.
  • Before your interview, visit the firm’s website. Know who the interviewer is and understand what the firm does.

What to Look For

Look for an internship that allows you to get involved in all aspects of accounting and interact with all departments. During your interview, ask about specific tasks that you will be asked to complete so you have a thorough understanding of what your responsibilities would be.

“What will my training be like?” and “Will I have a mentor?” are important questions to ask when meeting or interviewing with a firm or company.  Having a mentor or a supervisor you work closely with will allow you to gain relevant, valuable experience as well as meaningful feedback.

Corrigan Krause offers a great internship program and is currently looking for its next group of outstanding students to join the team.

Why CK?

  • Great location. Our Westlake office is located right off of I-90 near Crocker Park. Our building offers easy and free parking for our employees.
  • Firm events like deadline celebrations, free massages and yoga classes contribute to our fun environment and engaging culture.
  • Community service opportunities are available throughout the year.
  • “Smart Casual” dress code allows employees to dress comfortably.
  • Exposure to all departments provides a well-rounded internship experience.

For more information about our intern program, please visit our careers page.