CK De-Stresses With Yoga

by CK Marketing Team

A lunchtime yoga class is a great way to recharge for the rest of the workday, especially during tax season.During the busy tax season, we actively look for ways to maintain our mental and physical health. One such way is by defeating stress. The staff recently enjoyed a meditation class and a yoga class from local yoga studio Inner Bliss, located in Westlake.

The meditation class offered us an opportunity to focus on breathing, focusing, and re-energizing with practical tips. Something as simple as three deep breaths with visualization can allow you to look at a problem with a new outlook.

During the yoga class, yogis of all levels were able to enjoy an hour of active recovery from the day.  According to Inner Bliss’s website, yoga’s benefits include:

  • Builds strength & boosts energy
  • Improves breathing & lung capacity
  • Improves attention & concentration
  • Encourages quality sleep
  • Alleviates stress & tension
  • Decreases anxiety & depression
  • Calms the central nervous system
  • Expands learning efficiency

Meditation and yoga was a brand-new experience for some of the staff, but everyone who participated felt the positive effects!