Thursday 10/25/2018

5 Best Practices for Construction Accounting

Elizabeth Friswold, CPA CFE is a manager at Corrigan Krause. Construction accounting has its own unique set of accounting complexities not faced by other industries.  Whether you are the bookkeeper or owner of a construction company, you are affected by the accounting practices your company elects.  This article provides different best practices that your accounting […]

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Thursday 10/04/2018

Need Machinery, Equipment, Or A New Roof Before Year-End? Write It OFF!

Pat Lang is a senior associate at Corrigan Krause. Accelerated depreciation is a tax strategy that businesses have been utilizing for quite some time.  There are two types of accelerated depreciation: Section 179 Depreciation and standard Bonus Depreciation.  A huge advantage of accelerated depreciation to business owners: the full cost of the purchase may be […]

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Thursday 09/27/2018

What is Your NFP Board’s Succession Plan?

Al Harsar, CPA A not-for-profit organization needs to have a succession plan in place to ensure the continued existence of the organization during transitions of the trustees, in the same way that a for-profit business puts these plans into place.  Many not-for-profit organizations have a board of volunteer trustees that interact with the staff and […]

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