About Us

Corrigan Krause is a mid-size CPA firm located in Westlake, Ohio, specializing in servicing closely-held businesses since 1989. With a team of over 50 individuals, Corrigan Krause provides various accounting, tax, compliance, and consulting solutions to the challenges that small companies face in the ever-changing business environment. We believe that collaboration is the foundation for success and we take pride in working as business advocates, providing value-added personalized service and building long-term relationships to help position our clients for the future. Corrigan Krause is also an independent member of MSI Global Alliance, a worldwide organization of professional accounting firms and business advisors in more than 100 countries. This affiliation provides us with access to industry-focused experts in major cities around the world.

Peer Review


Corrigan Krause is committed to providing value-added consulting tax and accounting services to the closely-held business community through our team of dedicated, talented professionals.

We are committed to this level of service while maintaining a high degree of work-life balance for every single one of our associates.


We will be the first choice for our clients, strategic alliances, and business partners by quarterbacking their needs and helping them develop and achieve their goals.


  1. Grateful – Our clients, strategic alliances, business partners and our own associates have choices to make in business and in life and we are so fortunate that they have chosen us. Show it.
  2. Well Trained – We are committed to developing the complete professional by providing training and education in the technical, interpersonal, leadership and business development areas. This development is expected to come via on-the-job experiences and through structured educational programs.
  3. Caring – Go the extra mile to help all parties focus on what is important to them. Do more than what is expected.
  4. Profitable – Striving to make a fair profit must be a driver in our Firm. This will allow us to continue to have a positive impact with our families and in the community.
  5. Creative – Don’t be afraid to suggest new ways of doing things for our clients and our firm. Everyone enjoys fresh ideas and remembers those that improve processes and make life easier.
  6. Respectful – Be understanding and considerate of others. Exceed their expectations by being on time or ahead of schedule. Communicate often and keep all parties informed regularly. Be aware that everyone is busy with multiple priorities.
  7. Passionate – Be attentive, sit on the edge of your seat when someone is talking to you, remove distractions, and exhibit positive body language.
  8. Ethical – We are put in tough positions in business and in life every day. Be adaptable, but never compromise what you stand for. Doing things the right way always pays off in the long run.
  9. Team Oriented – Recognize that every person has an important role in our success whether it is one of our clients, strategic alliances, business partners or our families. The boat travels better if all row in the same direction!
  10. Giving – Our success enables us to positively influence and impact our families, friends, clients, and business affiliates. We feel a responsibility to invest in the communities, institutions, and people that have touched our lives, so we impart generosity with our time and resources.
  11. Teachers – We all have a wealth of knowledge. Embrace sharing it!
  12. Leaders – Differentiate yourselves by being confident, organized, visionaries, problem solvers, decision makers, and great communicators.
  13. Health Conscious – By maintaining and living an active, healthy life, you can stay at the top of your game and have the energy to achieve great accomplishments.
  14. Fun – Enjoy every day on the earth. It goes quickly and we are fortunate people. Live like it.

MSI Global Alliance

Corrigan Krause is proud to be a member firm of the MSI Global Alliance. MSI is a top-ranked international association of independent professional firms.

What makes MSI different from the big firms is its unique multidisciplinary approach. This ensures today’s growing companies, wherever in the world they may be, benefit from seamless access to the interrelated expertise of accountants, auditors, lawyers, tax advisers and other specialist professionals.

Each and every one of MSI’s 250 member firms in over 105 countries has passed through a rigorous selection process that ensures knowledge of the local market, international experience, and a commitment to levels of personal service and value that can not be matched by the larger firms.